Installing a Certificate into the Trusted Root Authority on Windows 7

  1. Download Certificate

  2. Press Open at the dialog box:

  3. At the Certificate box, press Install Certificate...:

  4. At the Certificate Install Wizard, press Next>:

  5. Select the button for Place all certificates in the following store, then press the Browse button: (note: do not choose the Automatically select option):

  6. At the Select Certificate Store window select the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities folder and press the OK button:

  7. Back at the Certificate Import Wizard, verify that Trusted Root Certification Authorities is shown as the certificate store location, and press the Next button:

  8. On the final step of the import wizard, press Finish:

  9. If you are challenged with a Security warning, answer Yes:

  10. The import was successful. Press OK:

  11. Close the Certificate window by pressing OK:

  12. You are done! Try opening IE or Chrome browser and navigate to an https website to verify that it works, such as